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Storytime and Happy Mother's day!

A short story about my mom and I, and how she inspires me everyday.

Dear art lover,

Welcome back to my art journal. I hope you enjoy this short story about a very important person in my life and I get to inspire you a little bit with it.

This person I am talking about is actually one of the main reasons I can even call myself an artist now, and the inspiration for the painting I will show you later on.

When I was little, I was a very busy girl.

My mom studied educational psychology and worked as a teacher for children with different abilities. I guess that, because of her background, besides the fact of being a mom, she always knew how to deal with me.

My mom always encouraged me, and sometimes forced me to take as many as possible extracurricular classes. When I was a child I took piano lessons, dancing, acting, singing, drawing and painting classes (of course), and my least favorites: gymnastics and English.

Do not get any ideas, I am not a prodigy, with the time I dropped almost all of them, the only ones who stuck with me were drawing and painting, and English.

vintage photo, cristina casillas art
Little Cristina drawing something. Photo by Cristina Casillas Art

Let's say I was a very busy girl. I will go to school from morning to afternoon, and in the evenings I will have some extra class for sure. I know it may sound like I didn't have time to play and "be a kid", but I really never felt that way.

I loved my classes, except for gymnastics, which I mentioned before, I hated it and dropped out pretty quickly. Regarding English class, it used to give me a lot of stress and I tried to drop it many times, although without success.

My mom didn't allow me to stop learning English. Thanks to her, I am writing this story in English right now, I got to live and work in non Spanish speaking countries and most important to be in a love relationship for the last 5 years with a non Spanish speaking guy. So yes, thank you mom!

Happy Mother's day, old photos, vintage photos, Cristina Casillas Art
A very old photo of my mom and I by Cristina Casillas Art

My mom always supported, in one way or another, everything I wanted to do. When it came to painting, she took me to art classes, and provided me with all the art supplies I needed for many years.

When I decided to study Architecture, she supported me, helped me to study, provided me with all the materials and tools I needed throughout my studies and most importantly she sat with me and helped me to overcome all my meltdowns while being a college student.

Even now, when I recently decided to become a professional artist and take a break from being an Architect, she said: "I always saw you more as an artist, and having your own gallery at some point".

So, thank you mom for always bringing me up and never down, and seeing or trying to see the bright side and not the dark one, in all my decisions.

Old photos, vintage photos, happy mothers day, cristina casillas art
My favorite photo of my mom and I. Photo by Cristina Casillas Art.

I got the artistic gene from my dad and the guts to do something with it from my mom.

I know this is a story about my mom and I, but I must mention that I got the artistic gene from my dad, although he didn't do anything about it, until now that he is retired and has the time. I am actually very proud of both of my parents. After working their whole life, since they were 15 years old, when they finally got a break from having a full time job, instead of just chilling, they both are now setting up their own business.

My dad is a very artistic person, but he needs the push from my mom to show the world what he can make. In that way, we are both the same, I also needed and still need sometimes that push, and I am lucky to say that I still have it from her, even living 9,245 km away from each other.

My mom is amazing. She is the most practical person I know, but now she is showing up as also being very creative. I guess, I always related being creative with being artistic, but my mom is the proof that sometimes it is more important to have the guts and the ability to make the decision to do something.

You can be the most talented artist in the world, but if you don't do something about it and show your art to the world then nothing will ever happen.

Transforming my favorite photo in an oil painting.

When I left my parents house I didn't take much with me. I only took practical things, like my clothes, shoes and important documents, but no memories in form of letters, photos or paintings.

To my surprise, a couple of years back, I found a very old photo of my mom and I in the folder where I keep all my important documents. It was just a very blurry image of a random day when I was around 1 year old and my mom took me to the park.

This was not a photo that meant something special to me, although, finding it between my paperwork, while being away from home, meant the world to me on that day.

Since then, I take this photo with me on purpose wherever I go, and it has become my favorite. I felt in love with it so much, that I am afraid I will loose it or break it, as it is very old, so I decided to make a copy of it in the form of a small oil painting.

Happy Mother's day!

I can imagine many of us have so many things to thank our moms for, and I can also imagine must of us never do.

So, I decided to take this article and this opportunity, and risk the chance of sounding too cheesy, to say thank you to all the mother's, specially mine, for everything they have done and still do every single day. Happy Mother's day!


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