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The Artist

Artist Statement

The things I am passionate about are the subject of my art work. I love to travel, which has broaden my knowledge about architecture, and other cities and cultures.

At the same time, every single painting I make has as much from the world as it has from myself, and I want to share not only my point of view and feelings but the body that contains them.

I paint landscapes and portraits of nature, because without it, none of the above could exist. Hence, no matter what I paint, nature is always part of my work in one way or another.

I mix colors in my paintings to create new ones, and big strokes to make a point and focus in the whole. But, because I like to control, you will find in each of my art pieces a hint or more of symmetry, patterns and consistency through my style.


My art work is a reflection of the way I see the world and everything it contains, from the tiniest (human) to the most immense (nature). I want to transmit happiness trough my paintings and that is why I paint what makes me happy, hoping it will make you happy as well.


Cristina Casillas

Cristina Casillas is a Mexican artist, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her paintings are mainly inspired by her love and admiration for Architecture and how this shapes the cities and people's life around the world.  


Cristina has a five years Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the University of Sonora in Mexico and a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Education from the University of Barcelona in Spain.  After growing her career as an Architect in Mexico, she left her country to pursue her Masters education and to shape her career towards her life long passion: to be an artist. 

Since 2017 until now Cristina has been traveling and living in different countries, and letting herself be inspired by different cultures and architecture. In 2020 she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands and got  influenced by this beautiful and artistic city to become a full time artist.